Experience | NBA Finals

I was camping in the middle of California when I received a call from a friend: “I have a ticket for you to Game 6 if you can make it to Miami tomorrow.” Ecstatic at the idea of watching my hometown team, the Dallas Mavericks, finally win the NBA Championships, I hitched a 3-hour ride to LA, hopped on the first flight out to Miami, and went straight to the game from the airport – making it just in time for the second quarter. Then I watched history in the making as the Mavs beat the Heat on their home court and celebrated with Mark Cuban and the rest of the players at LIV. You know, your usual 24 hours. 😉

On the way back from Miami, I got stuck in Charlotte, NC overnight due to the airspace suddenly being closed for Air Force One. But instead of sleeping in the baggage claim area, I rented a car, befriended the car rental guy, went clubbing on a Tuesday night (which was surprisingly awesome), made some new friends, ate Waffle House at 4am, dropped everyone at home, returned my car, and jumped on my 7am flight back to Cali. Layovers FTW!

Carol Chen

Avid Adventurer. Startup Hustler. Lover of Life

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